The course will cover state-of-the-art methodology for data processing with emphasis on integration of different methods to solve structures of macromolecular complexes and ‘difficult’ targets. More precisely, the course will address two aspects:


  • X-ray diffraction; data processing (from frames to deposited model)
  • Integration of X-ray crystallography, Cryo-Electron Microscopy and Small Angle Xray scattering in structural biology


Modern structural biology is based on complicated algorithms, nowadays realized in the form of computer programs with user-friendly interfaces and therefore easy to use. The aim of the course is to open several powerful “black boxes” to provide guidelines and highlight “decision points” where the human brain remains crucial in challenging projects. Practical training will be provided for crystal X-ray data processing (XDS, MOSFLM, HKL3000), structure solving, and refinement (BUSTER). Data collection and processing of solution structures by SAXS will be available using the home Lab BioSAXS. Integration with Cryo-EM will include a visit and “in situ” demonstration.


A poster session will be organized where each participant will be able to introduce her/his project.


The course is aimed at participants with at least one year’s relevant experience in 3D-structure determination of macromolecules (X-ray diffraction, SAXS, cryo-microscopy).


This workshop forms part of the Instruct and of the FRISBI Training Course Programme 2013.


Organizers: Jean Cavarelli and Alexander Urzhumtsev.


Extended dealine for registration June 28, 2013


Please, note that the number of participants is strictly limited. Participants will be selected on the submitted material (CV, letter of recommendation and a half page describing their research project) and informed before June 25 of the outcome of the selection procedure.







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